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Sustainability of Textiles

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A third and emerging theme of Dr. McQueen's research is in the area of sustainability and the environmental impact of textiles. Current research in this area has really focused on the sustainability of textiles during consumer use and laundering. My interest is to examine the effect of laundering on the life of clothing. There is a strong connection here to my research on odour and textiles. One reason that Dr. McQueen is passionate about controlling odour in clothing stems from the fact that odour build-up in clothing is one reason people launder their clothing more frequently than they may otherwise. They may also discard clothing before it has otherwise worn out (e.g., degradation through abrasion and/or loss of colour) due to an accumulation of body odours in clothing fabrics. This intensifies the amount of post-consumer waste, increases energy and water use and takes a further toll on the environment.