Former Members

Graduate Students

Anil Kumar – MSc 2023. “Microplastic pollution caused by domestic laundering: Consumer awareness and willingness to accept solutions”

René Arredondo Campos – MSc 2023. “Textile fibre fragments in marine environments and their interaction with suspended hydrocarbons”

Sabrina Marsha – MSc 2022. “Wash it, or wear it? Perceptions of odour control technologies on activewear and their influence on the likelihood to launder”

Skylar Brown – MSc 2022.  “Examining the potential for bacterial build-up on apparel fabrics with repeated use – A laboratory study”

Lauren Degenstein – MSc 2021. “Integrating product stewardship into the clothing and textile industry: A New Zealand case study

Ayesha Jain – MSc 2021. “Influence of consumption behaviours, attitudes and barriers toward clothing repair”

Sara Vaezafshar – MSc 2019. “Characterizing the sorption and release of odorous compounds in clothing fabrics”

Mariko Wakefield – MSc 2019. “Refurbishing Raw Denim to Reduce Bacterial Populations”

M. Mukhtar Abdul-Bari – MSc 2018. “Retention of Odorous Compounds by Textile Materials

Nicole Furtak – Ph.D. 2018. “Socks: Correlation of Wetness Perceptions with Moisture Transport”

Sushmitha Devarajan – MSc 2014.  “An Evaluation of Fabrics used in Chef Uniforms in Protection Against Hot Water Burn”

Han Zhang – MSc 2014.  “Thermal Protection and Thermal Comfort: An Evaluation of the Fabrics Used in Chefs’ Uniforms against Thermal Hazards in the Kitchen”

Yin Xu – MSc 2012. “Odour Evaluation on Antimicrobial Treated Fabrics: An Assessment of Test Methods”

Sara Olsen – MSc 2012. “Women’s workwear: Understanding user needs

Shahid Jalbani – MSc 2011. “Effect of Relative Humidity on Liquid Transport Properties of Merino Wool Knit Fabrics”

Undergraduate Students

Marwa Khémir – Mitacs Globalink Research Intern – Summer 2019

Qingan Huang – Mitacs Globalink Research Intern – Summer 2021